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A teaching resource pack was developed that will contain lesson plans, activities and a CD Rom of oral history recordings. This resource was sent to almost 340 schools in County Durham; also requests for copies for the CD ROMs were received from schools in this country and the continent.

Through this section of the website you can either download a copy of the Education Resource Pack, or go access it online.

The education pack provides the basis for exploring the history of the coal mining industry in this area from many different points of view. The people whose voices we hear from are not just miners and miners’ wives; they are individuals with a personal story to tell.

Many children in County Durham have close family ties with the coal mining industry. This education pack aims to build on these local connections as well as exploring some of the larger themes of the industry. Children will hear the poignant story of Tramp the pit pony, the passionate recollections of the 1984 miners’ strike as well as the vivid memories of a survivor of a horrifying pit shaft accident.

The workshops cover discussion, original writing, poetry and drama. There are specific activities for KS2 and KS3 however teachers could adapt any of the suggested formats to different age groups. Each workshop lists the learning outcomes and the National Curriculum links.

The pack also contains supporting material. There are photographs, transcripts of the recordings and a glossary of mining terms that can be used as and when the teacher needs them.
We hope that both teachers and children will find this pack interesting and engaging and fun to use and work with. The people who contributed their stories have certainly inspired us and we hope that you will be too.