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The Teesdale heritage group was formed in 1990 to discuss and collect memories, images and information on the local area.

Teesdale is set within the south of County Durham bordering North Yorkshire to the South and Cumbria at its highest point within the Pennines to the west. It has a rich diverse natural environment and history. It has wild fells, magnificent waterfalls, woodland and rich farmland with stunning views that hide its industrial past of lead mining. Middleton-in-Teesdale known as the capital of upper Teesdale was once the main centre for the lead mining. Barnard Castle is the market Town and centre of administration.

Upper Teesdale is part of the North Pennines with its magnificent scenery, and diverse flora and flora as well as a rich history. The geography and geology of the area has shaped the landscape into an area of wild moors, gentle sloping dales and fast flowing rivers and waterfalls, giving us some of the most spectacular scenery in Britain. What nature provided humans have used for their survival and over the many centuries that they have inhabited this area they have helped to mould it into what you see today.