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Witton Park, Bishop Auckland, County Durham is one of the most loved villages in England.

A small place, born in the industrial revolution to serve an ironworks, at first glance there is little or nothing to recommend it - rows of terraced houses set on unmade streets, shops, churches, public houses, and a station.

After 1900 the village was in decline until some signs of revitalization could be seen in the late forties and early fifties. Then the unspeakable County Council policy of no future development and piecemeal demolition known as Category ‘D’ did its work; by 1965 it was all over.

The village clung to life by its fingertips. Gradually things improved. Improvements and landscaping were implemented and the building of new houses helped secure the future of the village.

Witton Park had a community born out of hardship. There was no one you didn’t know, no one needed to lock the doors - there was nothing to pinch anyway.