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This archive was borne out of a conversation between two women at a social event. They were talking proudly about what their mothers and grandmothers had done, and the impact they had made on their families, friends, peers and indeed, society.

One of these women was Julie Underwood who worked at Chester-le-Street District Council. She decided to find a way to capture and recognise the achievements of the women in our district for posterity, and hopefully inspire the womanhood of tomorrow. Hence our project and this archive.

A project team was set up that included women from the District Council, and a number of others from the community.

From Chester-le-Street District Council:

From other organisations and the community:

From Chester-le-Street District Council:

  • Linda Ebbatson

  • Sue Pyrke

  • Lesley Lines

  • Amanda Stephenson

  • Julie Underwood

  • Linda A Buchanan

From other organisations and the community:

  • Freda Mulvey

  • Janet Robson

  • Kath Connolly

  • Cath Button

  • Dorothy Rand

  • Emily Huitson

  • Lorraine Thompson

  • Jo Forster

  • Mandy Humes

The team brought together the skills, experience, enthusiasm and contacts that have enabled us to bring together the stories, photos and documents that make up the archive. It will be invaluable for students and researchers who want to know more about the women of Chester-le-Street and its district during the 20th and early 21st centuries.

In addition we commissioned a DVD that we hope will interest and inspire all who watch it, in particular girls and young women of today who will see what can really be achieved.

This website has also been created. Although it does not give access to the full archive, it gives a flavour of what the archive contains.


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